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  • Git Useful commands

    In this post I emphasized possible most used git commands while working on a project

  • JEST

    Jest is a Java HTTP Rest client for ElasticSearch.

  • Non-Blocking vs Aysnc

    Difference between non-blocking and asynchronous call

  • Big Data Tools

    Software solutions to build Big Data applications

  • My Microservices

    Some points regarding Microservices architecture.

  • Spring AOP Exception

    Cannot proxy target class because CGLIB2 is not available

  • All in One - Spring Maven MySQL Hibernate JPA REST

    New web application from scratch builded by using spring 3, maven 3, MySQL, Hibernate , JPA, REST

  • Team Software Process

    According to Software engineering institute Team Software Process (TSP) guides engineering teams that are developing software-intensive products

  • Puzzles

    Find Triangle-In this puzzles series I'll try to solve puzzles by using python.

  • Tips

    Easy Mock without EasyMock

  • Network

    Web servers and Node.js. This post is about http web server then plus some clues about how node.js is working.

  • Links

    These are links, I visited before or I visit frequently

  • Software Engineering

    At this post I’d like to expose what does stand for “Software Engineer”. I am trying to find answers for questions like “What do Software engineers do”, “Is Software Engineering an engineering discipline”.